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Our mission is to increase your credit score and standing with the various credit bureaus, to help you achieve your personal financial goals!.

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Make Your Credit Better With Our Tradeline Services!

Get Good Credit - Up If you are in need of a quick credit boost, our Tradeline Service might be what you need. Tradelines give you the ability to create a positive credit history that’s more influential on your current credit score than your previous negative history. One way to do this is through signing up to become an authorized user on a seasoned tradeline that we’ve established independently. These contain positive credit information and high limits that will inflate your credit history and increase the likelihood of offers for your own lines of credit. This is known as “piggybacking,” where by signing onto a pre-existing account you receive the benefits from that line of credit for your own score and history.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: How Piggybacking Helps Your Credit

Our tradelines are long running, paid on time, and have increased limits. When you piggyback onto one them, creditors or lenders that look at your credit history will see all of the positive aspects of the tradeline as part of your own credit history. That means not only does a tradeline increase your score, it also gives you a far better chance of getting your own new, positive lines of credit or loans! Piggybacking onto one of our tradelines is a temporary measure that gives you an immediate boost, meaning that even if you’re credit has a long way to go before it is fully repaired, you can reap the benefits of a higher score sooner! This practice is often used by companies establishing credit for loans and has a long history of confirmed legality behind it.

Is Signing Onto Tradelines Legal?

Sharing credit cards or accounts (especially mortgages, leases and large loans) with another trusted partner is common practice, but it's understandable why you might be concerned over paying for a services that allows you to sign onto account purely for the purpose of improving your credit. In fact this very topic has caused debate in the courts between FICO, credit companies, and lobbyists that support the Credit Repair Organization act. The one thing those cases have confirmed is that they ultimately can't take legal action against authorized users benefitting from the work of original tradelines, meaning this service is not in violation of any laws, nor does it go against the way the government and creditors measure credit. If you’d like to look at some of the research and the legality behind Tradelines, click on the following link:

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Get Good Credit - Yelp

  •   Mia, at Fix Your Credit Consulting has been very helpful and understanding in helping me to get my finances back on track. They have been in contact with me, giving me up-dates and made the process very easy and painless. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to get their finances and debt in order.
    No longer being in the LA area, I was hesitant to proceed from the oil fields in North Dakota but with a recommendation from a good friend and a long talk with Mia, I was ready to move forward and I am already receiving results.

    thumb Victor R.
  •   Where do I even begin? Honestly I'm a bit overwhelmed with how helpful, attentive, responsive and genuinely caring the whole team was. With years of guilt due to bad credit it only took a month to completely repair. With tears of joy and an enormous sigh of relief I now have good credit!
    Do yourselves a favor and just go for it. You will not regret your experience with these actual angels.

    thumb Sarah M.
  •   Sandra and her team taught me invaluable lessons about what impacts credit, breaking down the ratings and credit worthiness. It was more than repair; it was education. It's well worth the investment.

    thumb Taj P.
  •   Went from low 400's to 700's after being helped with a unique identity theft incident. Came back AGAIN with my little brother to help him out, no one is better at explaining the situation, addressing what can be done, and making us feel easy minded about what is usually a terrifying process. I was able to get a new car, apartment, and basically a new life now that our credit scores have been getting help from these professionals. Thank you so much, 20/10 would recommend to anyone worried they feel stuck and cannot do anything about it. Call them, they WILL help!

    thumb Michel R.

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