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Credit Tip – Credit Unions

Posted by on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 in Uncategorized

Everyone should already be putting their money into a bank as a way to securely save and store their money, however most people do not know that there are alternatives to banks that function in a similar fashion known as Credit Unions.

The primary difference between a credit union and a bank is that banks generally exist to create wealth for their owners, while credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. Generally, most credit unions’ stated goal is to serve their members instead of making money for themselves (though they of course have to generate some revenue to pay employees).

A credit union serves all the same functions as a bank–they accept deposits, store money, generate interest, make loans, etc. However, while a bank is owned by a few individuals or an array of investors, every member of a credit union is considered an “owner” of said organization. By becoming a member of a credit union, you become part owner too. To this end, the savings you put into the union help fuel loans given to other members, and the interest paid on loans help generate interest for your savings.

To join a credit union, you usually have to be part of a community that has started one. Some professions or companies offer credit unions for their workers, some credit unions are created by specific religions or spiritual groups, and others are geographically based meant to serve a specific area. Generally credit unions allow family members to join too, so if you are related to someone in a credit union you can inquire to see if you are eligible too!

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