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Car Shopping and Inquiries

Posted by on Friday, March 6th, 2020 in Uncategorized

So you want to buy a car? Great! Do you plan to shop around to find the right car and get the best deal? Even better! You’re doing everything right, but at the end of the day there’s still a problem: the dealerships ran your credit multiple times, adding hard inquiries to your credit reports causing your scores to drop!


Dealerships and car salesmen are desperate to make sales and they’ll do (almost) anything to get you into a vehicle. Unfortunately that includes running your credit as many times as it takes to find a lender that will approve you for financing. So besides each inquiry dropping your credit score two to four points, all the inquiries will make you seem riskier to credit card or mortgage lenders. Your “new” credit report courtesy of your car dealership friends could now sadly look like this.

What Can You Do?

One option is to hire a reputable credit repair company to remove them for you. Feel free to give Fix Your Credit Consulting a call at (877) 212-2450 and one of our consultants will let you know what inquiries we can help you delete.

Another, more time consuming option is to dispute the inquiries yourself. It can be done, but just make sure to not dispute any inquiries connected to your open credit, auto, or installment loan accounts!

You can also get pre-approved for a loan by a credit union or an auto financing company BEFORE you go car shopping. If you already have the financing they won’t run your credit!

Get Good Credit - Yelp

  •   I had to recently contact them again for assistance to review my credit scores. Sandra explained to me what I need to get rid off and walk me through the steps how to get better score. Highly recommend this place.

    thumb Maria C.
  •   At first, I was skeptical of all the 5-star reviews, but once you start working with Fix Your Credit Consulting, you will understand why. I worked with Sandra for about a year, and she is outstanding. Credit issues can be really stressful but she was so patient with me.  Throughout the course of a year she was so professional, prompt at returning emails, and really takes her time to explain everything and answers all of your questions. She goes above and beyond, and really does try her best to help you. If you are looking to fix your credit, I would definitely recommend reaching out and giving them a chance. My overall experience with them was great, and I strongly encourage anyone to use their services. From my experience, it is better to start sooner than later, because it does take some time. I have never ever experienced such amazing customer service and professionalism from any business, and to say that I am impressed is an understatement.

    thumb Christine L.
  •   Let me start by saying over the past 20 years I've worked with multiple "Credit Repair" companies when I needed to in order to remove and delete items and increase my scores.

    That being said this is 100% the fastest score improvements I've seen. 1st month....5 deletions, and a MASSIVE boost to my scores. While this total process can take a few months or more I know this Company truly understands what to do, how to do it, and is very efficient with great systems and processes to keep me updated along the way. Thank you Mia for all you do my wife and I appreciate you!

    thumb Dj T.
  •   Mia helped me and my friend fix our credit with the upmost expertise. Customer service was very friendly and responsive. We consulted over the phone and the process took no more than about 30 minutes. The best thing was that the price was so great....usually credit repair places will charge an outrageous amount but Mia gave us a fraction of what all there competitors were charging. Will refer all of my friends and family.

    thumb Gevorg K.

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